Раннекиммерский структурный план в Западном Предбалканье

pp. 85-93

B. Monov. Old Kimmerian Structural Plan in the Western Fore-Balkan. Palaeotectonic analysis of the structures from the Early Kimmerian deformation stage in the eastern part of the West Fore-Balkan between the village of Yinitza and the lskar river has been carried out on the basis of more than 80 deep wells. Palaeotectonic and palaeostructural maps and palaeotectonic profiles of the Early Kimmerian structural plan have been made. Four faults have been traced – Vinitzian, Oghostian, Kotljansko-Krivodolski and Mramorian. They divide the region in 4 blocks with a specific lithological stratigraphic and tectonic structure. Two positive Early Kimmerian structures – Oghostian and Mramorian, ana one negative – Belovish-Gaganish have been distinguished. They are linearly oriented in WNW-ESE direction and have a complex internal structure. On these grounds they may be characterized as anticlinorium and synclinorium, the predecessors of the present Alpine structurees. The rise gradients of the Early Kimmerian anticlinorium is above 1800 m, which is almost equal to the thickness of the denudated during the Early Kimmerian tectonic stage Middleand Upper Triassic sediments.